My story

Over 20 years ago I purchased the Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery by Chuck Taylor. This started me on a journey of interest and passion of self defense and being a protector. Fast forward to 2016 when I took my first firearms training class and I started to learn what I did not know. In 2017 I completed a 2 day Combat Focus Shooting course, (Later rebranded as Intuitive Defensive Shooting ). It really changed my path on training and how I approach learning. Soon after, I started a church safety/security team at my church. During that endeavor I knew we needed regular training. I reached out to the company that hosted my Combat Focus Shooting class and that started my relationship with the owner Rob Jennings. By 2019 Rob had convinced me to get into the world of training and I started by becoming an Arkansas concealed carry Instructor. Many training courses later, and becoming an I.C.E Defensive Firearms Coach, here we are. Continually training, sharing knowledge, and growing as a student. I am an affiliate Instructor with GTBR.