Information Security


As the world continues to turn INFOSEC threats are continually evolving. I’m going to start off this month’s UPDATE with two repeat articles from last month regarding USB threats and the damage they can do. USB kill devices are evolving with additional options including remote control attachments and the ability to not only kill the computer when introduced but eliminate all the data on the hard drive in the process. I’m still researching this threat to determine if the damage from the electrical charge introduced by one of these devices can extend beyond the attacked computer (i.e. to do damage to a network or part of a network). The most recent versions now include attachments for cell phones and routers to destroy them as well. I’m finding videos on YouTube that explain how these work and the damage they cause. Never plug an unknown USB device into your computer or any other device.


“USB Kill Devices” - This is a very enlightening site that demonstrates why you should NEVER plug an unknown USB device into your computer. You can find these devices on Ebay, Walmart, and other sites for as little as $23. Get an entire “ready to deploy” kit for as little as $100. “Dongles, sticks, drives, and keys: What to know about removable media.” Article

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